How We Came To Be

Hello, I'm Adam Friebel, a 28 year old plumber by trade from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. With this bottle opener, I set out to intertwine memories, nostalgia and good times to create a functional, fun, and useful tool to share.

When I thought of this bottle opener, I made it the next day! I loved it and began refining the design into a more user-friendly prototype. Later, at gatherings with friends and family, I found the positive feedback was overwhelming!

So I had an engineer turn hand drawings into tangible measurements and material specifications for a machinist, and all to comprehend. We had the opener heads cut out and machined and my step-dad helped with the milling of the heads, caps, and tubes. After assembling 100 units by hand, we tested the market. The openers sold out within a few months, and inspired a larger order and manufacturing of the product.

Today, we have inventory in stock including in stores at International Motorsports Vancouver/Langley, Popkum Motorpark in Chilliwack, B.C., and Dreamcycle Museum in Sorrento, B.C. Ready for all dirt bike, motorcycle, or beer/pop enthusiasts around the globe!

Thank you for your time, and support as we bring this project to life! We hope you enjoy your very own Throttle Opener, get ready, because it's time to...

Grip It n Rip It!